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New to this community. yuuki love.

Ahh. I'm so happy to find a community dedicated to the cutest keyboardist~
Has the image of Yuukikki without his sunglasses and his wig circulated here yet??

Let me know if you'd like it.

I'd like to say that I was really surprised by the way the other "caffeko" recieved Yu-uki. Calling him ugly and such was too harsh. I've never had a problem with him and with each day, my respect for him grows. I think that if you want to be a true fan, you should respect all the members and not hurt the feelings of any of them.

All the Caffeko who don't like Yu-uki are not true to Ancafe.


 Whoa, whoa, what happened? Hopefully the Yuuki love hasn't died! XD

Anyway, I don't think I've ever posted in here, so let's revive this place. I'm Akira, and I've been a Yuuki fan ever since...well, ever since he joined An Cafe basically. x3 I really grew protective of him in a way because of the all the bad things people would say of him when he didn't even do anything to deserve it. And such idiotic things they were! So after fighting off the Bou fangirls who kept whining, my love of Yuuki grew.

Have any of you felt you grew attached to Yuuki this way?


Hey everyone! It's your lovely mod, ruiza!

A few things:

First off, our Yuuki birthday didn't go as planned. But that's okay! I started it a little too late. So I think we'll try again next year, and see how that goes!

Second, don't be afraid to post, guys! It can totally be about AnCafe, not just Yuuki! Post Scans, mp3's, whatever. (However, please Friends Only those entries).

Third, Have fun! Talk about Yuuki! That's what this comm is for, ne!?

And I think we're going to be getting a new layout! So look for that, everyone! ^-^ I have a feeling it will be great!

As for myself, when I get back from work, I'm gonna be making some lovely Yuuki icons that we can all use. :3 So look forward to those sometime tonight!

Love you all~! ♥ Stay Nyappy!

[mod] misc stuff ^o^

hi there ^^

just a small mod post to let you know we're still around ^^

since a convention is comming up and we'll have a guest at our house I don't know if I'll make it to translate yuuki's newest entries. you can check out cafexblog! ^^~

and because August is starting soon: please remender our little birthday project ne ^__~
Check it out in here

still working on the layout.. S2 is killing me but I will make it!! 'cause I'm ambitious X3

so take care anyone!



Hi everyone!!

I translated Yuuki's latest blog entries ^^
I'm still not very god at japanese so please don't be mad for major mistakes T^T! I tried my best!



ゆうきです!新潟で震度6近い地震があったそうで…皆怪我とかしなかったですか?(TдT)心配です…メイクさんから聞いた話だとタンスが倒れてきた人や 避難している人達がいるそうで…皆が怪我してないことを願います(Ω人Ω)新潟のライヴ頑張るから怪我した人は無理して暴れすぎないようにね(>д<)

Yuuki here!
It seems in Niigata was an earthquake with nearly level 6 on the Japanese scale. Everyone, you didn’t you get injured? (TдT) I’m worried… I heard a story from Meiku-san from people who seem to get under a falling chest of drawers* or people who searched for cover. I hope everyone didn’t get injured (Ω人Ω)
We’ll give our best at the Niigata live so those who got injured don’t to struggle too much, ne! (>д<)*

*sorry, but very unsure about this ;_;

[he was so worried ;_; such a cutey!]




Yuuki here! (o・v・)o
Today we held a concert in Hokkaido (・`ω・) I was very nervous today and was talking and running around being full of self-criticism.* (>д<)
I have to do something that I won’t be that nervous on the next live… (Ω△Ω)

*lit. he wrote: covered with talk, movement and self-criticism

[Ganbatte Yuuki!!! We’ll support you!]

Yuuki Birthday Project!

Yuuki of AnCafe Birthday Project!

This is the First Annual Yuuki Birthday Project! Yuuki's Birthday is on
August 29th, and he needs to know that he has fans!

Here are the Rules for the Yuuki Project:
NOTE: My comcast email wasn't accepting anyone's messages if people were trying to send them, so I put up a new one. So resend your emails there. :3

1. Please do NOT send food. This includes Candy. Japanese Customs
probably won't allow it, so please don't send it. If you send it, I'll eat it.

2. When you email me (snarfleschan@hotmail.com), please put "Yuuki
Birthday Project 2007" in the title, otherwise I might think your email is

3. Tell me what you are sending! It can be jewelry, accessories, anything
really. Be creative!

4. We're putting together a card book, so send a card with your item.
However, please don't fold the letter more times then necessary, and
make it one page ONLY. (As it will be glued into a book.) NOTE: Please do NOT ask An Cafe or Yuuki to come to your country. They're very busy people. They'll come to your country when they can. Also, please do NOT ask for Bou to come back. He's not coming back.

5. Please don't send HUGE items. Huge items will cost more to ship, and I
would like this to be as cheap as possible, as I'm a high school student
and can't afford to send a lot.

6. Please send at least a dollar to help pay for shipping. If everyone
sends me 1 U.S. Dollar, then shipping will be so much easier. (If you live
in another country, you should be able to get american dollars at an
airport, or bank.) Oh, and please only send cash. I don't have paypal or
any of that jazz. Just tuck it in your item or letter!

7. You don't have to send an item. You can just send the letter! But make
sure the letters are in Japanese or English ONLY. Unless you would like to
write a translation on your letter.

8. Have fun!

The Deadline for sending me items is August 18th! After that, I will not
be accepting anymore items, and I will be sending the package off the
next day.

Any Questions or Comments, please comment here, or email me.

your second mod in here ^^

Hi there!

this is shinnyu! the new mod in this comm ^^!
I'm 21, from Germany and.. highly taken by Yuukikki! XD
I study japanese and korean... and at the moment I'm having exams yay *_*;

well... if you have any questions please don't hasitate to ask, ne ^^

and now I'll search for pics to create a new journal layout X3~

take care!

Another mod Post!

Okay guys. ^_^ I have picked our second Moderator. And this was hard to choose, as there were a bunch of really good entries.

But your second mod is: shinnyu! Congrats. ^-^

im lame, yay!

Hello ^_^ my names Felicia, and i'm...just weird.. but that's not the point!
I've been looking up An Cafe videos on YouTube, and there is a lot of Yuuki hate going on! its REALLY making me mad, cause Yuuki doesn't deserve that, he's an awesome person and, most likely awesome at keyboard.
I personally think, if you dislike Yuuki for his looks, than your not a true caffeko.  Who agrees?


It's amazing!

Oh my goodness! So I wake up this morning, and there's already over 30 members! You guys rock! x3!

So go ahead and start posting! Spread the Yuuki love everywhere! And tell other Cafecos to join if they haven't already, and they love Yuuki! The more the merrier!