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curly_keyboard's Journal

Curly Keyboard: An lj community dedicated to Yuuki
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All Members , Moderated
Yuuki of AnCafe
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Date of birth: August 29th
Blood Type: ?
My Hobby: Collecting watches; looking at puppies when going home from clubs in Roppongi
Fav food: sweets; spicy tings; sour things
Fav brand: D&G; BVLGARI; Rolex
Fav color: gold; black; silver
cigarettes: Rose
Perfume: Fabreeze
Shampoo: Vidal Sassoon
Hello and konnichiwa! I'm Yuuki☆
My appearance might be difficult but carry on to love ancafe with your passionate hearts! I'm still inexperienced, but with motivation everybody and anybody will not give up! Because I give my best please support me!!


WELCOME TO CURLY KEYBOARD! This is a Fan Community for the keyboardest of An Cafe, Yuuki!


1. If you are posting images, please put them under an lj cut. This makes it easier for people to view their friends pages, and it helps keep the community looking clean.
2. If posting any sort of Media (Videos, lives, mp3's, etc.), please have them friend locked and link to the sites where you can purchase the media.
3. Fanart and Fanfiction ARE allowed, as long as they are put under a cut, and proper warnings are set in place.
4. I check all posts before they are posted, so if you don't find your post up, it means I probably did not accept it.
5. If you have a problem with any member, please contact the Moderators, and we will take care of it in an orderly manner.
6. Advertising should be at a minimum. Please only advertise things related to An Cafe.
7. No bashing Yuuki, or any of the other members of AnCafe. Don't like them, then don't join.
8. Have fun!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the moderators: ruiza and shinnyu

UPDATES: Right now we're working on the "Yuuki 2007 Birthday Project!" Look inside for details! ♥